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Happy new year lj babes! lets stick together


Jan. 10th, 2012


I'm selling this dress at ebay, if anyones interested, please bid and make the price go UP!

Ruud Van Empel

Ruud van Empel. Click for some mindblowing-beautiful photographies.

Stumbled upon his works a few times on flickr but never knew the artist's name. GLAMOUR, being much of a fancy art mag, printed one of his works, full page - with credits!
Jesus fucking Christ. I need prints of everything he ever made.


Miri phoned me this morning 'GO TO XXXX Street!!! ASAP!' - so I did and came home with so many pretty things. Especially the painting. It's a rather cheap print but not noticeable from afar. And I think it's beautiful. All the furniture is wet & it's gonna take a while to work these things up, but I'll keep you informed.

More.Collapse )


Finally, finally the dress is miiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

Off for a fag and the job. Today's good.

Sep. 6th, 2011

Tavi Gevinson is supercool in my book.

Rock Bottom

Not going well with the painting. I wanna draw less and less everyday.


Stood On Gold

Found the blanket and the small frames in the attic!

Apple I'm Home

I KNOW but it went from 350 down to 80 Euros!


Merry Effing Christmas Everyone

I hope you guys will be able to stay in yr pyjamas all day long, eat as much as you can, drink til you drop and still have some quiet time for yourself and yr loved ones. See you next year!


If you've got too much money on yr hand and you wanna spend it on ME ME ME, here's what's number one on my wishlist of things you can regulary buy in stores: Awwwww Dress.
I just ordered it myself.
And this. And this. And I'm still waiting to have this in my mailbox.

Stop judging me, I deserve it.


How disappointed would D.I.D.I.P.P. be?

Yeah, I kinda fucked it up, i know. The Baby is shit and the colors are fading cause the pencils gave up in the middle of the painting.


The weekend has been intense and kinda scary. Carmi took us to a Bunker Party in the middle of the woods and what shall I say, it's been quite an experience. Never seen so many junkies in my life, but after all, it was good. Not my kind of music or scene of choice, but alright.

night after night, i would lie with her pets

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